By Alastair Bayardo

Celebrities On Canvas

Alastair Bayardo has mastered a new technique of Art & Life Fusion. The pencil on canvas technique is rarely seen in the art world but combining that with his secret 8-step technique is what sets him years ahead of his contemporaries. Utilizing a vast creative arsenal, including graffiti, pencil, permanent marker, aerosol, acrylic and oil, he creates his masterpieces.

 First he finds the image or images he wants to draw and does so with pencil and marker. Once the image is completed, he begins a specific 8-step technique that allows him to paint a secondary image (usually on the entire canvas) without damaging or painting over the initial pencil rendering. His “crisp monochromatic style” coupled with his “complementary usage of color”, as displayed in the “Celebrities on Canvas” series, personifies his ability to translate his life views into his art.
Alastair's passion for art is magnified when he can combine the creation with a purposes. Though a conservative, he loves to take on various viewpoints through his art. Most recently he created his favorite piece to date, "America The Beautiful", to tackle the perception of America's financial wealth.  Artistically influenced by Norman Rockwell’s style, taking something from one image and merging it with another image to create something new. Creativity, Life, fused, art. 

His artwork has been sold in America, France, the UK and Mexico. You can see his works at the NWO art gallery or online at CelebritiesOnCanvas.com or checkout everything that the artist has going on including his acting career at AlastairBayardo.com